top designer clothing brands online

The choice of clothing brands is way too complicated these days. There are several brands available online, and it’s tough to choose amongst them. We have researched for you and put together this list of the top 10 online fashion designer clothing brands worldwide. Whether you are looking for Fashion Accessories for Men & Women Online or Fashion Footwear Online, we have got you all covered.

Know your style and what you want out of your clothes, and then do some research on your favorite fashion brands to see if they’re a good fit for you. Hence, you need to know about the top designer clothing brands online.

It is essential to wear the clothes of the best and most luxurious brands to look extraordinary. Designer clothes brands are the only costumes that make people look stylish and elegant. These brands offer different types of apparel like suits, dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, and other accessories to make you stand out in the crowd. The designers not only design for women but also men. Choosing designer clothing brands online is your best decision today. Online brands have everything from clothing brands of adults to clothing brands of kids like Firstcry; they have everything available. That means now you can too Shop Kids clothing online.

1.     Gucci

Gucci develops the best designer clothes all over the world. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Florence, Italy, the Gucci Group operates as a multi-brand fashion company offering products across a wide range of categories.  The brand provides luggage, luggage sets, suitcases as well as luxurious leather goods. This company is always known to maintain its classy products all over the world. It offers the best Fashion Accessories for Men and Women Online.

2.     Chanel

Chanel comes as the second top brand for designer clothing brands. This is a luxury French house which aims at giving the best quality products to the consumers. This brand is also one of the best and most recognizable luxury brands all over the world. It also holds a total of 81.4 million followers on its social media handles, making it the most popular clothing brand worldwide.

3.     Hermes

Based in France, Hermès is one of the world’s oldest luxury brands. Clients include Coco Chanel, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jackson. Corporate style is about celebrating the values that define your company. Hermès corporate style reflects its chic reputation for sophisticated elegance, modern, bold luxury, and commitment to quality. Hermès International is a French fashion house that specializes in handmade, high-end leather, and ready-to-wear products. Hermès has been a leading luxury brand for more than 150 years. Its reputation is so strong that the word “Hermès” itself has become synonymous with luxury.

4.     Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion house. It has the most valuable brand in the luxury market and is ranked one of the world’s most prestigious brands. Louis Vuitton’s online sales are expected to increase at an average annual rate of 20% through 2020. This would make for 12% of total revenue or $6.7 Billion (estimated) in 2020 (up from $1.4 Billion in 2017). Louis Vuitton’s sales increased by 18% last year to be LVMH’s biggest revenue driver. The fashion house also tops Forbes’ most valuable luxury brands index with a brand value of $48 Billion.

5.     Rolex

Rolex, a world-renowned luxury watch company, is the most sought-after luxury watch online despite remaining steadfast in its commitment to brick-and-mortar retail.  Forbes top 100 most valuable brands in the world. With 6.5 million watches sold in 2012, Rolex is the most famous Swiss watch brand worldwide. The luxury watch manufacturing company has six manufacturing locations in Switzerland. Despite this, Rolex is the most sought-after luxury watch brand online, with over $12 billion in sales expected in 2013.

6.     Tiffany

Despite ongoing concerns over the acquisition of Tiffany, which secured a higher rating than in previous years due to its resilience and commitment to luxury goods in a volatile economic climate, the American jewelry company has maintained its position as a top global brand. Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) has risen two places in the list of wealth market think tank Mergermarket’s highest valued global LVMH-owned brands.

7.     Prada

Prada is among the world’s most famous luxury brands on Pinterest, strengthening its online presence and slowly appealing to the younger generation. The team at the Prada Group is hard at work to ensure that their luxury fashion business stays relevant to consumers. The brand manages to create an exciting relationship with Chinese consumers, who can boast Prada’s innovative online presence and willingness to accommodate emerging markets.

Final Thoughts:

The fashion industry isn’t just fashion, it’s a business. And when businesses grow, they need support from companies that have been doing the same thing for years. The fashion industry is a booming economy and growing faster every year. It makes sense to join in on the fun if you’re looking for a unique business opportunity. So now you can Shop Fashion Brands Online with ease.

E-commerce is revolutionizing with more Fashion Accessories for Men industry. It’s creating different business opportunities, while modern consumers prefer this way to shop. If you’re looking to increase sales, there are many ways to do so, but the first step is getting involved in an eCommerce platform.